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Page last updated at 12:01 GMT, Tuesday, 8 February 2011
Mother's aim to set up stillborn support charity
Mel Scott with Finley
Finley was still born after an emergency caesarean

A mother from Bridgwater whose son was stillborn is now planning to set up a charity to build on her support work.

Mel Scott's son Finley was carried to full-term in August 2009 and died during an emergency caesarean section.

Since his death she has found a way to come to terms with her bereavement by helping others with a support group.

She has also set up a website and put together care packs for Musgrove Park hospital to help parents. Mel now plans to set up a formal charity.

Cold cots for stillborns

"We've been talking over the last couple of months about making the support more formal so I've decided to use my skills as a teacher and a coach more formal through the business side of things.

"I'll be offering practical support when coaching to parents and education to professionals about what it's possible to do after a baby dies."

In order to set up the charity, Mel will have to raise £5,000. The charity's aims will be to continue sending care packs to Musgrove Park hospital in Taunton and roll this out to all hospitals in the south west.

I wanted something more proactive to help me heal on a practical level.
Mel Scott

She also hopes to raise money for cold cots for hospitals to use.

Cold cots will prevent the need for the baby to go the morgue and keep it at the right temperature.

"It had been really important to spend three days with Finley and we were able to do that because he died during labour and the changes that happened, happened much more slowly.

"If a baby is [born] earlier the changes that happen to the body happen over a quicker period of time, the time that parents can spend with the baby is limited."

Emotional stress

Apart from raising funds to provide these - they cost £2,200 each - she also hopes to fund alternative therapy treatments to help parents deal with the emotional stress.

"Although the hospital offered me counselling, I wanted something different to that, I had plenty of friends I could talk to about what had happened.

"I didn't need that space and time to talk, I wanted something more proactive to help me heal on a practical level."

As part of her charity she is holding a sponsored fire walk, where people can walk over hot coals in Bridgwater on 1 May, 2011.

More information is available on Mel's website.

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