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Page last updated at 12:16 GMT, Friday, 28 January 2011
Frome benefits from new hydro pool in toddler's memory

Headley Court Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre
Hydrotherapy pools, like this one in Surrey, use water for pain relief

A £300,000 hydrotherapy pool is being built in Frome for disabled children and adults following a public appeal.

The pool is in memory of Harry Fox, a toddler who contracted an infection at four-days-old.

It left him profoundly brain damaged and he died aged just 13 months.

His parents Digby and Paula Fox consequently set up Harry's Hydro Charity and raised the money needed to buy the building.

Paula, who now chairs the charity, said if Harry had had access to hydrotherapy it could have made all the difference to his condition.

"It was the one therapy that would have given him some reprieve and pleasure in his life," she said.

"It would have helped him but he didn't have access to it".


Paula said the warm water, and the feeling of being weightless, combines to have both "a physiological and psychological effect".

"When you're in that hot, floaty water it actually turns off the pain reflex so you can learn to do movements or exercises that you couldn't do on dry land in physiotherapy.

"Or alternatively it effects the brain in such a way that people can relax and actually start sending messages to parts of their body that they couldn't usually do."

Digby and Paula still need to raise an additional £50,000 to kit out the inside of the building.

The new hydrotherapy pool is due to open in the autumn.

Harry's Hydro Charity is the only hydrotherapy project in the UK to win a national Special Need Small Projects award, becoming a centre of excellence in the process.

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