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Page last updated at 11:44 GMT, Tuesday, 25 January 2011
Training centre to provide skills needed for Hinkley
Students at the college
Students at the college learn about a whole host of technologies

The new £8m Energy Skills Centre at Bridgwater College should be able to provide the staff needed to build a new nuclear power station if it goes ahead.

Principle Fiona McMillan made the comments as the Energy Secretary Chris Huhne officially opened the centre.

The centre aims to teach a whole range of alternative technologies - from photovoltic cells, rainwater harvesting and wind turbines.

EDF Energy is applying for permission to build a new reactor at Hinkley.

She said: "I think we'll be a very large player, not just with the energy skills centre.

"We also have another facility that we've recently hired in a commercial part of Bridgwater in Wells Road which EDF has supported us with.

"This construction skills centre will support the civil engineering side."

The centre will also offer foundation degrees and people who are already working in the industry to raise their skill levels.

"The combination of those things will enable us to do a large proportion of the work (to build and run Hinkley Point C) albeit there will be specialist elements that other organisations will support."

Mr Huhne said: "This new centre is a great place to inspire the young and deliver the skills, which are absolutely crucial for a career in this industry on our doorstep in our low carbon future."


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