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Page last updated at 11:29 GMT, Tuesday, 5 October 2010 12:29 UK
Excitement as marines return home from Afghanistan

40 Commando Royal Marines are due to return from a six month deployment to Afghanistan this week.

During their deployment, marine wife Emma Forbes has kept a diary detailing everything she has been through - including the birth of their son James - while her husband Duncan was away.

Here, she shares her excitement and anticipation at his return home where he'll be reunited with his wife and two young children.

Forbes family
Duncan arrived back for a two week break on the day of James' birth

Time has been playing tricks on me. The last three weeks have passed in slow motion, so that I thought we would never get to here.

Now that Duncan's arrival home is imminent, there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything!

I don't know why we all rush about transforming homes, sprucing children and trying to make ourselves look less the harassed mother and more the "essence" wife....my friends all appear to be exhausted and excited in equal measure.

By the end of the month, when it feels like they've never been away, I'll look back and laugh at us all rushing about to present a picture-perfect homecoming. Harassed? Me? No!

Marines' sacrifice

This has been a gruelling six months and my prayers are with the families whose loved ones are not coming home.

I expected to feel simple, childish joy and anticipation as I count down the days and hours (and I do!).

However, going through a deployment with small children has made me acutely aware of the sacrifice all of the guys make.

I am looking at my baby kicking on his mat and trying not to think of all the moments Duncan has missed.

The countdown is on: there has been a frenzy of cooking; tidying; shopping; banner-making and pampering. I think we are almost set!

We have spent six months living in the moment, one day at a time, but today I get to be very excited indeed about tomorrow and everything I am looking forward to.

As we say in Scotland: Haste ye back!

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