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Page last updated at 15:47 GMT, Tuesday, 25 May 2010 16:47 UK
Marine wife talks of loneliness while husband is away

40 Commando Royal Marines are currently serving a six month deployment to Afghanistan.

Here, Emma Forbes who is eight months pregnant, talks about how she is coping while her husband is away and how she is looking forward to Duncan's short return.

Emma Forbes
Emma is due to give birth to her second child in June

At 6am last Sunday morning, I really missed Duncan. Thomas woke up early and I had gone to bed late as we had friends staying from Scotland.

At 6pm, I faced a mountain of ironing and a tired toddler and missed him even more.

What had happened to missing the fun, chat and intimacy I have with my husband? At that moment, I just wanted someone to share the workload.

Sunday is generally the hardest day. It's a natural lull in the week, when you're less likely to be busy and the focus is on family.

Thus, I particularly appreciated meeting up with other wives and their children this Sunday, for lunch and a walk. It was a glorious day and we had great fun.

'Few stolen days together'

There are often Sunday events arranged by camp, which is welcome. However, with only two weeks to go until my elective section date and the arrival of our second baby, I guess I'll be too busy for some of the upcoming events.

Duncan and Emma Forbes on their wedding day
Duncan will be returning for two weeks shortly after the birth

Although the imminent arrival of the baby means that Duncan will soon be home.

Unfortunately, he won't be here for the birth, but we hope he will arrive within the first couple of days. I'm not sure how much rest and recuperation he will get during this R&R!

Some people find the short period of leave more stressful than it's worth and I can see why: the build up and anticipation; the re-aligning when they are home; a few stolen days together and then the emotional rollercoaster all over again as they prepare to go back.

Personally, I'd take it even if it was just one day, which heartens me that I've not lost all romance after all.

This week, my prayers go to the wife and family of Cpl Stephen Walker who was killed in Sangin on 21st May 2010, whilst on foot patrol.

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