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MP candidate pledges

Not sure who to vote for? Here, candidates for Bridgwater and West Somerset make three pledges of what their priorities will be if they are voted in to try and sway your vote.

Theo Butt-Philip, Lib Dem
Theo Butt-Philip
Liberal Democrats
Bob Cudlipp, Independent
Bob Cudlipp
Charlie Graham, Greens
Charlie Graham
The Green Party
Peter Hollings, UKIP
Peter Hollings
UK Independent Party
Ian Liddell-Grainger, Conservative
Ian Liddell-Grainger
Kathy Pearce, Labour
Kathy Pearce
Donna Treanor, BNP
Donna Treanor
British National Party

Theo Butt-Philip, Liberal Democrats

I will only claim expenses when they're absolutely necessary for me to do my job in representing you. I will make sure I get good value for your money.

Second I will put those who have the least first. I'm in politics to fight for the disadvantaged, those who need a champion but have been let down by the Labour party.

And finally, I will work with local councils and local businesses to do what I can to help attract more jobs and investment into Bridgwater, securing our place in a sustainable, low carbon economy of the future.

Bob Cudlipp, Independent

I want the maximum amount of affordable housing built in rural and urban areas. This is because many young couples have little chance of buying open market priced houses.

I want to see a national road gritting policy.

I think better out of hours medical services are achievable, especially when the new hospital is completed in Minehead.

Charlie Graham, The Green Party

My promises are to bring every home up to the energy efficiency standards by installing free insulation. Renewable generation will create up to thousands of much needed jobs for architects, builders, plumbers, electricians and engineers. We need to turn homes into power stations; fuel bills must be cut.

The Green Party will deliver a fair living wage. It's unfair that the gap between rich and poor has grown while four million people live in poverty. I will demand a living wage so low paid workers can provide for their families and a minimum old age pension of £170.

The Green Party will also protect the NHS. Voting Green demands that health provisions is treated as vital; public money must not be guaranteed for profits for private companies. I will oppose cuts, closures and privatisation in public services.

Peter Hollings, UK Independent Party

If elected I would oppose and stop any possible wind turbines and power lines being erected within the constituency. This is also part of the party's view as laid down in our Secure Energy and Environment Policy statement.

If we left the EU I would remove the common agricultural policy that favours the French at the expense of the British farmer. A period of transition will be implemented to stop any disruption by paying a like-for-like subsidy direct to the farmer.

Leisure facilities need to be addressed. There's a steady decline in swimming pools and sport halls in the larger towns which must be reversed so people can have access within easy reach. I would work hard for that end and I hope that you would vote for me.

Ian Liddell-Grainger, Conservative

Ian Liddell-Grainger has refused to take part, so has not named his pledges.

Kathy Pearce, Labour

Promise 1: To hold weekly surgeries in both Bridgwater and Minehead to be fully accessible. Large parts of my current work is about working with others to resolve individuals' concerns and I therefore look forward to building on this, to build links with those agencies and others working throughout the constituency to help constituents with individual problems.

Promise 2: To actively publish my expenses and to make myself fully accountable to my constituents. Whatever the outcome of the current review, if elected, I will not buy a second home and use the office of MP as a means of property development.

Promise 3: Public services has always been my passion and it is what interested me and prompted me to join the Labour party back in 1978. Therefore my third promise would be to continue my experience of fighting to preserve local public services such as the recent campaign to save the unjust closure and demolition of Sedgemoor Splash.

Donna Treanor, British National Party

My three pledges are to put the interests of people of Bridgwater first at all times. I will carry out my parliamentary duties to the best of my abilities with honour, integrity, honesty and accountability.

My last pledge is to spend as much time as I possibly can listening to and consulting the people of Bridgwater to their wishes and needs.

Also the British National Party would withdraw immediately and unconditionally from Afghanistan, an amoral war that we cannot win and cannot afford and to set our brave troops to defend our borders. We cannot impose a democracy or cultural values least of all because the Muslims in Afghanistan don't want it.

No British blood should be spilt in countries that do not pose a threat to us, this is non-negotiable.

Facts and figures contained in these pledges have not been verified by the BBC

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