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Page last updated at 13:47 GMT, Tuesday, 27 April 2010 14:47 UK
Marine wife on coping while husband's in Afghanistan

40 Commando Royal Marines are currently a month into a six month deployment to Afghanistan.

Here, Emma Forbes who is six months pregnant, talks about how she's coping while her husband Duncan is away.

Duncan Forbes
This is Duncan's second tour of duty in Afghanistan

Phew. We've spent so many weeks preparing, I've dreaded it for such a long time and now that it's here, I confess I'm relieved.

Waiting for the deployment, living with it hanging over us, is much harder than just getting on with it.

The day after Duncan left, I flew to Scotland with Thomas, our toddler, to spend Easter with family.

The weekend passed in a rainy, exhausted blur, as both Thomas and I had a sickness bug. I think the odds of becoming ill within the first week of a deployment must be as high as the odds on being ill in your holidays. Now, though - with ailments and goodbyes behind us - it's time to start getting on with it.

I take my hat off to the girls who faithfully waved off every busload of marines from camp, flying banners of good wishes at 2am.

Selfishly, once I'd said goodbye to Duncan, I didn't want to face any other guys in their uniform. Cheering on the Royal Marine at the Taunton marathon (in aid of the 2010 Poppy Appeal) - it was a little foggy behind my sunglasses.

Nevertheless, the first couple weeks have been much easier than the dread of departure. The early sunshine has helped morale and all the girls I've met up with appear to be in good spirits. So far, I think we're doing quite well….



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