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Page last updated at 09:34 GMT, Tuesday, 16 March 2010
Students share their experiences of sex trade

A recent survey has found the number of students at one university turning to the sex industry to fund their studies has risen from 3% to 25% over 10 years.

Dr Ron Roberts who carried out the research said this figure was indicative of what was happening at universities right across the country.

Here, two students share their experience of why they turned to the sex trade.

Chloe, student lap dancer

The reason I started lap dancing was because a friend introduced me to it. It's a good way to earn a bit of cash and I was finding it really difficult being a student, having so many fees to pay, and yeah, I was really skint so it was a good way of earning a bit of cash.

With my dancing, in the last four years that I've been dancing for, I've sort of picked it up and put it down according to my timetable because obviously that's the most important thing.

If I've got deadlines or assignments that have to be in it is really hard but on the other side, if I didn't do my dancing, I wouldn't be able to afford to be at university.

I don't see it as glamorous. I'd much rather do this job - one of my friends is working as a waitress in the evening and weekends and what she would earn in a month, I could earn in an evening - I think that says it all really.

I had a job in sales in my first year but it wasn't enough money. Fees have gone up ridiculously - when I first started university my tuition fees were £2,900 and they've gone up slightly every year and now they're £3,270.

I would never put the fact that I've been a lap dancer on my CV because people are judgemental.

I love doing this - it's a quick easy job to fund you through university.

Anonymous, student who worked sending sex texts

I was in my second year at Bristol University and I needed to make some extra money. I had gone into my overdraft a bit and my parents told me I needed to start managing my money better. I didn't want to get a regular job because I liked using the daytime to see my friends.

My mate's brother suggested I apply for a job with a sex text line that was advertising on the internet. I thought it was funny at first and a good pub story - something to shock my mates with.

Basically, I had to reply with dirty text messages to punters who had sent a text to the sex line after seeing an ad on TV. I got paid 50p per text so the more texts I sent the more money I made. I could work at night on my computer whilst doing other things.

I did the job for about a week and made about a hundred quid. At first I thought it was really funny - but the moment it hit home was when I was sat on the toilet one night with my laptop on my lap replying to a text. The deception of it suddenly hit me and I just felt a bit repulsed by it.

I have told some of my friends. I wouldn't say I'm embarrassed by it but I wouldn't do it again and I wouldn't like it mentioned in certain company.

Most of my mates think it's hilarious - especially the girls. I think they picture a guy texting a sex line where he thinks a busty female is replying when actually it's a scrawny teenager!

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