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Page last updated at 09:44 GMT, Saturday, 20 November 2010
Glastonbury Tor to get new hedges and trees

Glastonbury Tor

Two thousand trees are going to be planted on the bottom slopes of Glastonbury Tor, in a hark back to the area's traditional roots.

On Saturday, 20 November, volunteers and staff at the National Trust will begin the three-week project in one of the southern fields.

Organisers hope the mass-planting will "be an eye-catching reminder of yesteryear".

The new hedges will follow the "remnant lines of ancient field systems", helping the Tor to resemble its former look two centuries ago.

Then, there was a tradition of many small fields in the ownership of local people in Glastonbury.

The share cropping system allowed rural dwellers to supplement their income from the land.

Oak tree
Field maple
Common buckthorn
Dog rose
Guelder rose
Standard oak
Field maple
The hedges will be a mix of species reflecting the local hedges

It is also helped that the trees will have a positive impact on local wildlife, while helping the natural environment.

The trees will not only create food and shelter for birds and insects, but each year the hedges will grow by capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

There are plans to create four small paddocks with the new hedgerows, which will help the National Trust to set up a sustainable grazing regime using sheep.

"This is an exciting project," said Rob Holden from the National Trust.

"[It] will not only help to capture the traditions of this legendary site but will provide valuable habitat for wildlife and have a long term benefit for the wider natural environment.

"We're really looking forward to the first day and working with so many dedicated volunteers."

Local volunteer group, the Glastonbury Conservation Society is also supporting the project.

The society has been so active in restoring hedgerows around the area that supporters are now nearing their 50,000th tree.

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