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Page last updated at 16:07 GMT, Tuesday, 8 December 2009
Secret World cares for otters washed out of river home

A Secret World volunteer looks after seven-week-old Tiny Toni

A Somerset wildlife charity has taken in a record number of otters this winter as higher than normal river levels have threatened their habitat.

A Secret World spokesperson said record rainfall has caused baby otters to be washed out of their homes.

Those that cannot swim are taken in by the charity who then care and hand rear them until they are ready to be released back into the wild.

So far, the charity has taken in six otters within the last three months.

Charity owner Pauline Kidner said the otters live on the edge of the river, and when the river levels rise, they get dragged out.

"If they're lucky they get out, if not they drown."

Looking after the animals can be expensive - an 11-week-old otter can go through £10 worth of fish each day.

When they are ready to be released (which typically can take 18 months), the otters are released near to the spot where they were found.

You can watch the otters enjoying their outdoor pond live on the Secret World webcam every Monday evening:

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