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Page last updated at 08:48 GMT, Wednesday, 26 January 2011
Storyteller shares Aboriginal view of Australia Day
Adrian Beckingham
Adrian has been a storyteller for 17 years promoting Aboriginal culture

An Australian storyteller from Thorncombe near Chard has highlighted the Aboriginal view of Australia Day.

Adrian Beckingham visited an Aboriginal event called Survival Day in Sydney where he learnt about their campaign.

The 26 January commemorates the day the British put their flag into Australian soil but for Aborigines this marked the start of their rights being taken away.

He has been working across UK schools to share their culture and legends as a way of highlighting their struggles.

'Great melting pot'

"When the British settled there, they moved Aboriginal people off their land and this was obviously never given back.

"They separated families in such a way that there are still elderly people living in Australia with no idea what family they belong to do."

During last year's Australia Day, Adrian learnt more about the campaign which he believes is gathering pace.

"They're asking for the date to be changed because Australia is billed as a celebration of the great melting pot of that country, with people from different nations, and they would like to be part of that.

"They're saying we were the first people in Australia therefore can't we have the celebration on a different day rather than a day which holds such sad memories."

Adrian says his work as a storyteller, recounting traditional Aboriginal stories, has been a way of highlighting their plight.

"I have taken Aboriginal stories to over 400 schools in England and I have a very tight connection with the Aboriginal community."

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