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Save money with eco driving tips
last year's winners Andrew Anderz and Gary Luton
2008 winners Andrew Anderz and Gary Luton achieved 84 miles per gallon

BBC Midlands Today Transport Correspondent Peter Plisner joined 60 other drivers as they competed in an unusual competition.

The MPG Marathon took to the roads of the Midlands on 30 September and 1 October, as drivers went head-to-head in a 360-mile quest for fuel economy.

Production cars competed against each other in various classes.

During training Peter Plisner discovered how some simple techniques can dramatically improve fuel economy.

Peter Plisner's top eco-driving tips

Ease your speed
Driving at 70mph uses around 15% more fuel than at 50mph.

BBC Midlands Today correspondent Peter Plisner driving
Correct tyre pressures can make a big difference to your fuel economy

Lower the revs
Try moving up through the gears more quickly. Ideally the rev counter should read no higher than 2,000 rpm.

Anticipate the road ahead
Looking at what's happening on the road ahead will help to keep the car moving, rather than constant braking and acceleration.

Switch off the air conditioning
It's great to feel cool when you're driving, but switching off the air conditioning greatly increases the fuel consumption of any vehicle.

Switch off the engine
Whenever it's safe to do so consider switching off the engine. If it's not running you won't be using any fuel! The AA suggests turning your engine off in traffic jams, if you are unlikely to be moving for more than three minutes.

Tyre pressures
Always check your tyre pressures. If they are too low you'll burn more fuel.

Lose some weight
Check your boot to see whether you can lose some weight. Don't carry anything around that's not essential for your journey.

Aerodynamic drag
Things like roof racks and roof boxes increase the aerodynamic drag on a car. Unless they are in use, the advice is to remove them.

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