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Genevieve Tudor
Genevieve Tudor
Genevieve Tudor

Brought up in Warwickshire and trained in drama at Stratford-on-Avon, Genevieve has been a folkie since the age of 17.

She discovered real ale, the Watersons and that she was really quite good at singing. Her parents tried to steer her towards 'proper' music, to no avail.

After a varied career in everything except drama she moved to Shropshire and found the radio station.

On Sunday evenings she presents Radio Shropshire's folk show.

Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk has its roots in the tradition - but that doesn't mean it's living in the past. You can hear the latest releases first on Genevieve's show and traditional favourites years old... hundreds of years old.

If you want to hear folk music, if you want to hear world music, if you want to hear music you don't know how to describe but you like it anyway, listen on Sundays between 7.00 and 9.00pm - and all through the week in the BBC iPlayer.

Genevieve likes cats, chickens and bizarre customs and traditions. She's on the committees of two festivals, Festival at the Edge and Shrewsbury Folk Festival… she still sings but she's exchanged the real ale for red wine… - you have been warned!

Genevieve Tudor's folk playlist
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