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Blood transfusion saves seriously ill dog in Telford
Helen Kidd, Kirsty Thompson, Boothroyd, Janet Cotton
Boothroyd recovered from major surgery thanks to a blood donation

A dog from Telford which was seriously ill after having his spleen removed made a full recovery after being given a blood transfusion.

The blood was provided by the Pet Blood Bank, a charity which collects donations from dogs.

So far, the charity has collected blood from almost 3,000 pets.

Janet Cotton from Telford whose dog, Boothroyd, 13, was saved by his transfusion said she had no idea there was a donor service for pets.

She was delighted with her dog's return to health: "They started to transfuse about 5 o'clock on the Friday evening which was less than 24 hours after Boothroyd's operation and he started to recover and respond almost immediately."

If your dog needed a transfusion you'd want to know there was some blood available, so it's such a good thing to participate in
Kirsty Thompson

Vet, Kirsty Thompson, who works at the Haygate Veterinary Practice in Wellington where Boothroyd was treated, said donations could be used as whole blood, broken down into plasma or even further to provide clotting agent to use for dogs with haemophilia.

She said few people knew of the work of the Pet Blood Bank but that it was a very worthwhile charity: "If your dog needed a transfusion you'd want to know there was some blood available, so it's such a good thing to participate in."

The Pet Blood Bank UK was set up in 2007 after a change in the law allowed vets to store animal blood.

Telford donation session

The blood bank is based in Loughborough but donor sessions are held all over the UK.

The charity's operations director, Katrina Wilkinson said donors had to be between one and eight years old, weigh more than 25kg and be in good health. They must have up to date vaccinations and never have travelled abroad.

Dogs give a pint at a time and can donate up to four times a year. It takes about five to ten minutes to collect the blood. One donation can save the lives of up to four dogs.

Ms Wilkinson said she hoped people would come forward: "I would encourage dog owners to do this. The welfare of the donor is paramount. They seem to enjoy it and get cuddles and treats. Coming to a session is not a horrible experience."

There is a blood donor session at the Haygate Veterinary Practice in Bridgnorth Road, Madeley, Telford on Tuesday, 1 March between 1pm and 7pm.


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