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Shrewsbury mum gives birth during Glastonbury Festival
Victoria and Reuben at Glastonbury
Victoria said people at the festival kept giving her baby things

A Shrewsbury baby had an unusual entrance to the world, after his mother went into labour at Glastonbury.

Victoria Iremonger (30) arrived at the music festival on Wednesday, shortly before her waters broke.

Despite wanting to give birth at Worthy Farm, medical staff persuaded Victoria to go to Yeovil Hospital, where she had Reuben on Thursday evening.

Within hours they were back the festival, where Reuben is now expected to get free tickets for life.

Reuben, who weighed seven and a half pounds, is Victoria Iremonger's and Evan Jenkins' first child.

They had not expected him to be born for another two and a half weeks, so it came as a bit of a shock.

Family camping

Luckily, Victoria's mother, Kathryn, left Shrewsbury as soon as she heard about the imminent arrival and managed to get to Somerset in time for the birth.

Victoria and Reuben at Glastonbury Festival
Victoria loves the spiritual side of the festival

She also brought baby clothes and other equipment with her, so that they were all able to go to the festival on Friday.

Victoria said: "Fortunately we'd camped in the family camping area. With having a four-man tent, we hadn't been allowed to pitch anywhere else. Quite ironic that I was in the right place."

She said she kept Reuben away from the noise, but got a glimpse of the Pet Shop Boys, who passed the family while they were having a celebratory meal.

Victoria said she had been going to Glastonbury since 1999. She said: "There's just something special about the place, the atmosphere and spirituality are incredible. I love the ethos of the place."



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