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Subsource at Workhouse Festival

By Will Bond
BBC Blast reporter

Will Bond interviews Subsource
Will Bond interviews Subsource

I managed to catch up with drum & bass outfit Subsource before their set at a rainy Workhouse Festival.

Will: The first thing I'd like to ask you about is your amazing hair styles.

Subsource: Where do we start? It's how the whole band started, we met through a club called hairstyles monthly and obviously the first couple of months we just spent working out our hairstyles, before we worked on the music.

Then we had a year of product training, and then the music seemed to come together after that, but it's all about the hairstyles first, music second!

How long does it take you in the mornings?

Four hours, we all make love collectively and then we cut each others hair. Yeah.

Have you performed yet?

No we're headlining tonight on the main stage, which is going to be great. We love the Workhouse, we've supported it for as long as we've known about it, we did the fire festival the did three years ago in October, and played here a couple of years ago.

We've got really good support up this way, it's a great area of the country, it's beautiful with beautiful people - it's everything you want from a festival and certainly on this kind of scale as well.

We were doing Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago, we do some quite large festivals and it's nice these ones because there's the attention to detail and it's just a great festival.

Wow, so you've played at Glastonbury, and now you're in Wales…

Subsource at Workhouse Festival 2009

In the summer we'll go wherever they'll have us because we love playing festivals. The best thing about this festival is that they let you turn the music up as loud as possible.

In order for us to entertain our crowd we have to have a loud sound system with lots of bass and lots of volume. And at Glastonbury we played at 1am in the morning where unfortunately there are sound curfews. But you can't knock Glastonbury. Glastonbury is awesome. Did you go to Glastonbury?

I've never been! This is my first festival guys. What would your advice be to other festival virgins like myself?

Just get lost, deliberately lose your friends and just have a wonder and see what you meet. And break up that thing that we have in society where we don't talk to other people.

It's about meeting the other people at festivals and getting involved in different groups and just having a laugh and just not worrying about how your hair looks or how much money you've got. It's just about having a good time, listening to good music and just experiencing all those things.

Having a Blast at the Workhouse
22 Jul 09 |  BBC Introducing


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