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Sukhmani film preview
Gurdas Mann
Gurdas Mann is Major Kuldeep Singh in Sukhmani

Director: Manjeet Mann
Cast: Gurdas Mann, Juhi Chawla, Divya Dutta and Anoop Soni

This melodrama focuses on Major Kuldeep Singh, a decorated officer of the Para Battalion.

Major Kuldeep Singh's life is thrown into disarray when one fateful day the beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir is tarnished by the gruesome killings of his devoted wife and daughter at the hands of terrorists.

To maintain his sanity and avoid falling into depression, he returns to work, fighting the terrorists with renewed vigour and the need to avenge his family.

When for a second time he fails to save the life of an innocent girl who becomes a victim of the terrorism, Major Kuldeep Singh becomes a broken man.

However, a soldier's war is never over. So when duty calls again, he goes out to repatriate innocent civilians from the Wagah border.

There, he meets Reshma, whom he decides protecting from the social stigma of society as well as from the evil intentions of his own comrades.

But Major Singh faces dishonour and social exclusion as a result of his actions.

Despite his shortcomings, he unwaveringly fights for his rights and the rights of a woman dispelled by society.

Sukhmani is a touching Punjabi drama showing us that both good and evil lie within each of us. However, when faced with exceptional circumstances, every human being acts differently.

The film shows how we are forced to make choices that are always accepted by society.

Gurdas Mann stars in this heart-rending drama about a man trying to overcome his personal trauma and social indignity while keeping alive the memory of his beloved daughter, Sukhmani.

Mann is best known for his performance in Waris Shah: Ishq da Waris (2006), which was nominated as India's selection for the Academy Awards. With another power-packed performance from Mann, Sukhmani will prove popular amongst the Punjabi audience.

Previewed by Manish Gajjar
BBC Bollywood Correspondent


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