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14:13 GMT, Wednesday, 26 May 2010 15:13 UK

Beekeeping just the job for Jez

A bee hive

Jez Daughtry started keeping bees when he was made redundant.

In March 2009 Jez lost his job working as an IT consultant, and at first he considered returning to the industry.

However he decided to try commercial beekeeping and is now hoping to get his business off the ground by selling Sheffield Honey.

"At first I took it easy and I had a bit of breathing space, I had looked at beekeeping and had aspirations of getting out of the office," he said.

Jez carried out lots of research into keeping bees and attended a weekend beekeeping course.

He got his first hive from a lady in Loxley who had given up keeping bees and found much of the equipment he needed to get set up through Freecycle.

The thing which really appeals to Jez is that beekeepers are in control of the whole process "You are a mini farmer, a mini production line in charge from start to end and you don't need acres of land."

The Sheffield Honey Company

The Sheffield Honey Company on Twitter

Jez has hives up on the moors surrounding Sheffield and is hoping to harvest autumn honey which is produced when the bees feed off the moorland.

However, beekeepers have to be careful where they put the hives as there have been problems with theft and vandalism. It is not a cheap hobby as hives can cost around £500 each.

Jez is not making a living producing honey at the moment, but is working with the Sheffield Food Festival to kick off his business.

The Sheffield Food Festival is taking place between 1-6 June.

"I've never been in this production business before where you have got a product, sales and marketing and PR. So I'm going through a huge learning curve at the moment

"I'm a big fan of local products, I love what the food festival they are doing, it is what we should all be doing thinking about where food comes from and the value of food."

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The Sheffield Honey Company on twitter
The Sheffield Honey Company

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