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Diana Luke

Diana Luke

Hear Diana Luke's sultry tones over the weekend on BBC Radio Sheffield.

My first memory

Kissing Jamie Livingstone under the lamplight near my parents' home and hoping it would be like the kisses I had seen at the movies. It wasn't. I was six and he was seven. He then told me Santa Claus didn't exist and so I hit him and never kissed him again. I found out years later he was gay.

First record you bought?

I won "Everyone's Gone to the Moon" in a scavenger hunt which was my first 45. I bought The Hollies, Cream, Canned Heat, Crosby Stills & Nash, John Mayall and The Beatles in quick succession.

Your favourite three songs?

Really depends on the day and the mood to be fair, but first to mind today are Pink Floyd's Shine on You Crazy Diamond; Fleetwood Mac's Need Your Love So Bad and local band Outroads' Heads Up or Hold.

Who's been your best interviewee & why?

There have been thousands over the years but I suppose I would have to say Geoff Boycott because he was my very first interview ever and he set me on my radio career pathway back in the 80s.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've said on air?

There have been so many! The last one was when I was covering Rony's show and the wine expert brought in lots of wines to sample and the bucket to spit in. I'm sure you can imagine what I preferred to do and said… wishing I hadn't.

Another was in London when I was sampling lobster with a top French chef and my joy was so loquacious that the BBC engineer edited the interview and put the song J'Taime to the back of it. It was played out the next day with a whole new interpretation.

What's been your career highlight?

Flying to Bermuda all expenses paid to interview performers at an open-air concert. Stunning weather, great guests and a wonderful holiday… oops, work I mean!

How do you spend your time away from the microphone?

I work as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist helping others with CBT and NLP to conquer irrational fears, phobias, relationships and confidence etc. I also do personal development and relaxation programmes for international airlines and still find time to have fun with my three - soon to be four - grandsons who keep me young.

Favourite place in South Yorkshire or North Derbyshire - and why?

I love walking in the hills and usually commence with a pub stroll book to ensure refreshments are met along the way. I'm not great at following maps but still tend to find the pub, ironically. Every journey is magical with the fascinating and sometimes eccentric people I talk with along the way. And I love my local Wetherspoons, it feels like Cheers when I walk in.

As a 10-year-old child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Well at 10 it was a toss-up between doing something religious because I fancied the minister's son (thankfully that was short-lived) or a nurse, which I did for a bit with many embarrassing faux pas.

Who would you like to be trapped in a lift with?

If I had to be trapped in a lift then it would be the Dalai Lama or some other wise philosopher who could teach me some of their wisdom and serenity in the face of adversity. Failing that, someone who had a fear of lifts so I could talk them out of it.

Favourite food & drink?

Seafood - love it in all it's guises - probably lobster the most…. And drink - red wine is probably at the top of a long list, although I also like a Dark & Stormy - a cocktail that I sampled in Bermuda.

What do you never miss on television?

Gray's Anatomy and Boston Legal have been two favourites to make me laugh and cry - now off-air but I spend very little time watching TV unless there is a good film on.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I'd sit quietly for a while - see how it feels, jump for joy - visit family in Canada, buy a VW campervan and a Karmen Ghia Convertible, see Australia and New Zealand for snorkelling, experience Peru, take my entire family on holiday somewhere gorgeous where we could all chill out for a while … And then see what was left. Of course I would have to buy the ticket first which I don't do… Yet!

Diana Luke: Saturday and Sunday 2100-0100


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