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Mystery of undeveloped wedding snaps
Groom, bride and bridesmaid
The pictures lay undiscovered in a film canister for more than 30 years

In these days of digital photography you can see your photographs as soon as you have taken them.

But a set of wedding photos, thought to be taken in the 70s, did not see the light of day until they were uncovered by someone who found the film in a charity shop in Sheffield.

Amateur photographer, James Andow, bought some photographic equipment from Oxfam in Broomhill last year.

Among the kit were some developing drums - and one of them contained a film with images from a wedding.

He is now trying to track down the couple pictured so he can reunite them with the photos.

James said he was surprised that the film was untouched:

"I unscrewed this canister that you use for developing film and inside was this complete reel of negatives.

"The film had never been taken off the reel so the photos had never been viewed, let alone printed.

"It's pretty surprising that someone took a whole film of wedding photos and never even saw them."

This bus was specially hired for the wedding

Twenty-three-year-old James has been using his detective skills to try to find clues which could identify the people in the pictures:

"From the styles of dresses and head-dresses some of my female friends and relatives have deduced that the wedding probably happened in the early 70s."

One of the photos is of a Sheffield bus and James has been in touch with South Yorkshire Transport Museum to see if they could locate when and where the bus was from.

The museum confirmed it as being part of the Sheffield fleet and further identified it as a Daimler Fleetline with Park Royal bodywork, a model which was new in 1963.

But the bus had been repainted - which did not happen until the late 60s.

The museum also suggested a location for where the photo was taken. It was possibly an area near to the Registry Office, known as the 'wedding cake' off Union Street.

James has posted the pictures on the internet photo site, flickr

And he has posted on Sheffield Forum to see if anyone can help identify the photos.

Guests at the wedding
Is this Janet Colton who used to live in Gleadless Valley?

That has produced one possible lead which James intends to follow up:

"There is a woman on the forum who thinks that her mother recognises one of the wedding guests.

"Unfortunately, it's not the bride or groom which would be much easier, but one of the wedding guests and I'm in the process of trying to get in touch with her."

The woman is thought to be Janet Colton, who used to live in Constable Close in Gleadless Valley.

Once James has found out whose wedding it was, he intends to give them prints from the negatives, as a reminder of their big day.

If you think you can help James by identifying people in the photos, then contact him on this email unseenweddingpics@gmail.com

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