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New market down t'Moor?
Artist's impression, Moor Market
Artist's mock-up of 'Block 6' - the exterior of the new enclosed Moor Market

Sheffield City Council is planning to step in to ensure the multi-million pound modernisation of the city's markets gets off the ground.

In July 2010, BBC Radio Sheffield spoke to traders at Castle Market to find out how they feel about the potential to move to the new markets to The Moor.

As part of the plans, the Moor will get a new indoor market and eight new shops - despite the tough economic climate.

Planning permission has been agreed and the site for the new MoorSheffield markets is now being prepared.

The Scottish Widow Group bought the site and surrounding area for £26.5 million in February 2010.

The Moor will have a new £18 million market hall to replace the rundown Castle Markets , including 200 stalls and eight shops.

Inside Moor Market, artist's impression
There will be space for 200 stalls on the 5,650 square metre site

Architects Leslie Jones designed the plans which are modelled on modern European markets.

John Rawlinson is Project Developer for the proposed scheme. He told BBC Radio Sheffield that the plans had to be reviewed to make them viable in the current economic situation in which similar projects have been shelved indefinitely.

It is hoped that the area's redevelopment will be given a push by the Council at a time when other projects - notably Sevenstone - have been scrapped.

"We're in very difficult times at the moment - major developments are very hard to progress but we've managed to push this one forward," said John Rawlinson.

However there have been major changes to the planning application since initial approval was given:

"The main change is the omission of the student accommodation. In the current market is there a demand for it? We reviewed the original plans and decided to proceed without but the rest of the development is pretty much the same as before."

Artist's impression, Moor Market
An artist's impression of the Moor's proposed indoor market

Artist's impressions of the new indoor market show a building reminiscent of the Winter Garden near Tudor Square. John Rawlinson explains:

"We're trying to develop a sustainable, high quality scheme. There's a half domed entrance largely in glass and wood - we're trying to get a lot of light and a lot of natural materials into the development."

History of The Moor

In the beginning, The Moor was - as its namesake suggests - a swampy moorland between Sheffield and Little Sheffield to the south. It became a main thoroughfare into the city - an ordinary street with shops, buses, cars and trams - but was badly damaged during the blitz in World War Two.

The street was pedestrianised in the early 1980s and market stalls were introduced shortly afterwards. They proved very popular but the area became tatty and was refurbished in the late 1990s.

The area now called The Moor stretches from Moorhead by the Peace Gardens in the north, to Moorfoot by the large red Civil Service building in the south. However this building is now empty as civil service workers have moved elsewhere.

In November 2009 artist Andy Cropper painted pictures of The Moor before its re-development. You can see his artwork here:

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Anthony Birks - Butcher, Castle Market (speaking to BBC Radio Sheffield, 29.7.10)

It sounds like it's definitely on the cards but I'll believe it when I see bricks and mortar being laid. Castlegate hasn't been the centre of town from a retail point of view for some 30 years. The problem with Sheffield is that it's got two town centres - The Moor and Castlegate. Castlegate used to be the centre of the universe but now it's bypassed because it's isolated (and run down) - a proverbial island. We're managing to just scrape a living but as you can see around us at Castle Market there are a lot of empty stalls.

Brett Kempton - sweet shop, Castle Market (speaking to BBC Radio Sheffield, 29.7.10)

They keep saying the move will happen, then they say it's not, then it gets put back a bit... with the recession and the government cutting money back... But apparently they are still going ahead with it - but I've heard it's going to take about four years. I think it will be better. It's dying down here at Castle Market - it's getting worse and worse every day. I think it will be better at The Moor.

Patrick Allen, Sheffield

Plans for the new market badly placed. What are the planners' real reasons for putting the market on The Moor? Upgrade the present market ar council their going to be offices built. Remember a lot of people like the market where it is. Why should people have to go to The Moor? Please Council, don't move the market.

Gregory, Sheffield

Not very nice. Uninspired, uninteresting and badly placed. The architecture and style are boring and copy all the drab we've seen being built the past five years in Sheffield city centre.

The "developers" words are empty and shallow. "We're trying to develop a sustainable, high quality scheme. There's a half domed entrance largely in glass and wood - we're trying to get a lot of light and a lot of natural materials into the development." Seriously? We're meant to do our shopping in this? I don't fancy being a guinea pig to your architectural experimentation.

Michael G Thornton, Sheffield
This exciting new development will, along with other developments further up, refresh and renew a part of which is now looking a little 'sorry for itself'. It will add to the fight-back against out-of-town malls, and who knows The Moor, with Fargate at one end, and London Road at the other may become the UK answer to Copenhagen's Stroget!

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