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BBC Radio Sheffield bees pass inspection
Inspecting bees
The BBC Bee Part of It beehives at the Longshaw Estate passed their first inspection in July 2010

Ivor Flatman, the North East region's Bee Inspector, visited Longshaw Estate near Sheffield in July 2010 to inspect the bees in the Radio Sheffield beehive.

The hive arrived at Longshaw in June and three weeks into the BBC Bee Part Of It project, Ivor came to have a look at the bees to see how they are doing.

Ivor travels around the area looking at hundreds of hives a year: "The bee inspector's job is to try and keep the bee population healthy and productive for pollination and honey production," said Ivor.

Ivor started the inspection by removing the roof from the beehive and having a look at the frames where the bees are housed.

The hive is split into two sections - the 'super' (the top section) where the bees store the honey and the 'brood box' (the bottom section) where the queen lays her eggs.

Ivor looked at the bees in the first frame: "They've made a good job here - there's a bit of honeycomb and they're nice and quiet."

Inspecting bees
The bees were inspected for verroa mites and other bee diseases

There was a fair amount of healthy larvae and some eggs on the frames. Ivor spotted the queen: "She's a bit longer than the worker bees, she's a lovely tan colour, her wings go half way down her abdomen and she has much longer legs."

The queen bees are usually given a brightly coloured dot so they are easy to spot in the hive. Ivor marked our queen with a blue mark.

Some of the bees were doing a 'waggle dance' in the hive - a form of communication which tells other bees about new sources of pollen and nectar.

After the inspection Ivor said that he was pleased with the way the hive was going: "We have a nice, healthy hive which is progressing well," he said. "There is no sign of any disease and no sign of varroa mite either. They're doing very well for three weeks in."

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