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Tell your History of the World

BBC A History of the World
BBC A History of the World

A brand new collaboration between the BBC and the British Museum began on Monday 18th January.

The idea is to create a digital museum, and the project is called A History of the World.

BBC Radio Sheffield will also be telling the stories behind your objects throughout January and February. We need you to get in touch, with:

  • A brief description of your object and the story behind it
  • Your contact details (name, phone number and email address)
  • Email us: south.yorkshire@bbc.co.uk

South Yorkshire's objects

Museums in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield have chosen objects from their collections to tell the history and story of South Yorkshire, for A History of the World. They include a Viking coin dating from 1066, found near Doncaster, and a huge steam-powered engine based at Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield which produced armour plating for battleships in the World Wars. Find out about all 10 of South Yorkshire's objects here.

Rony Robinson's object is a knitted character of himself, made by a listener
Rony Robinson's object is a knitted character of himself, made by a listener

Rony Robinson submitted an object to the digital museum as well. Over his last 25 years on-air at BBC Radio Sheffield Rony has broadcast many important events, and heard many stories. His object was made for him by a listener and represents his long broadcasting experience:

"My little item is a knitted version of me. He has sandals, a waistcoat, an auburn beard and hair, headphones and a microphone - all of which I had when it was knitted, but some of which I don't quite have now.

"I took my mini-me, this little broadcasting doll, back to visit BBC Radio Sheffield last week. He poked up behind monitors and over doors, he sneaked round my back and swore and said rude things about management, and made inappropriate jokes and trumping noises. Everyone giggled and wanted to kiss him.

"He usually lives on my bookshelves with several bears, an owl, ducks and geese, something green and floppy, scores of sailors with beards, and a basket of cats."

Your object must be man-made and should tell a story about history, people and places - something that could tell future generations about South Yorkshire and the rest of the world.

You can also submit your objects to the central History of the World website - but please tell BBC Sheffield about them too.


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