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A new language project is collection location nicknames
Map highlighting Wath on Dearne
Wath is one South Yorkshire location in a new list of place nicknames

Would you know where Barlick was? or Amazingstoke?

And would you realise that Where upon Earth refers to Wath upon Dearne?

The English Project and Ordnance Survey have launched the Location Lingo project to collect the nicknames, pet names or hate names which local people use for places around them.

As well as a record of local linguistic richness, the project could help emergency services locate places more quickly.

Some names that are already recorded on the Location Lingo interactive map are simply shortened forms.

So the Lancashire towns of Skelmersdale and Barnoldswick become Skem and Barlick.

Some reflect how people feel about the place they are from: Basingstoke becomes Amazingstoke, while Swindon is Swindump.

Glen Hart, the head of research for the Ordnance Survey, told BBC Radio Sheffield's Rony Robinson that the project is about more than just towns or cities:

"We're interested in nicknames for lots of other areas as well, such as shopping malls, roundabouts, parks and roads.

"All of these can acquire nicknames and those can be of a lot more interest to the emergency services.

"In Sheffield, for example, there is a Magic Roundabout, as well as the one in Swindon. Sheffield's is the Moor End Roundabout.

"Sheffield's quite interesting because a lot of the names we get can be derogatory but the ones we have on the map for Sheffield are more complimentary.

"There is Sheff Town - the reason given for that was that it had the feeling of a small town as opposed to a large city.

"Steel City is the obvious one but there is also Special-field which is quite a nice one.

Meadowhall has acquired the pet name 'Meadowhell' among locals

"One that has actually proved very popular, right across the country, and which isn't too complimentary, is Meadowhell for Meadowhall.

"But that just goes to show it is not just towns and cities which get these nicknames."

You can contribute to the project through the Location Lingo website.

Here are some of the names contributed by listeners to Rony Robinson's show on BBC Radio Sheffield:

"I call my town (on occasion) 'rot'em' because anybody slagging my town, that's what I think" - Christine in Rotherham.

"I worked with a bloke who used to call Whiston in Rotherham, Whistovan in Rothberg." - Mick the Blade.

"In the 50s Wybourn (in Sheffield) was known as Dodge City. Dodge rent. Dodge electric meter man. Dodge gas man. Dodge coal man and loan man." Pete

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