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Warp's return to Sheffield

Warp Records
Warp Records celebrated their 20th birthday in September 2009

The pioneering independent record and film label Warp started in Sheffield in 1989. Twenty years later they returned to their home town to celebrate the occasion.

On Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September the old Warp Records shop reopened in The Forum, an open-air amphitheatre at Park Hill flats screened films produced by Warp's film production company, and then a bus transported ticket holders to Magna for the all-night Warp 20 music event.

BBC Look North's Shamir Masri spoke to Mark Herbert of Warp Films ahead of the Warp 20 event.


Warp Records is known for groundbreaking music and the world of film

"Warp and Sheffield go hand-in-hand. It's great that Warp is still independent and it's kept going in a time when the music industry is suffering. The brand has become so strong."

Shane Meadows' newest short film, The Living Room, was screened for the first time at Park Hill. "It's about a musician he knows, Gavin Clark who did the music for Shane Meadows films like Dead Man's Shoes and This is England which were produced by Warp Films."

They also showed a film that Warp X produced in 2008 - All Tomorrow's Parties - a music-based film which premiered at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival.

Bat For Lashes
Bat For Lashes appear in the All Tomorrow's Parties film

"The footage was shot over the last five years at the festivals at Butlins holiday camps," says Mark.

"Barry Hogan the promoter for All Tomorrow's Parties has been a long-time collaborator with Warp, and Warp acts have been instrumental in all the ATPs.

"It's a multi-format film shot by fans, directors and skilled cameramen. The artists and the acts are all together in one holiday camp at Butlins - it's got a really nice feeling. It's a festival film, not like big cranes sweeping Coldplay at Glastonbury, but the antithesis of that. It's got that left-of-centre Warp feel, it's about the music not about the showbiz.

"Park Hill is a great venue to show it with a great sound system and a big screen in the middle of the amphitheatre."

Warp 20 by night

Warp Records discovered some of the UK's most important electronic music artists from LFO and Aphex Twin to Grizzly Bear and Nightmares on Wax.

Squarepusher is one of the acts at the Warp 20 event at Magna

To celebrate their 20th anniversary the Warp 20 event moved to Magna in the evening. Acts on stage included Squarepusher, Nightmares on Wax and Hudson Hawk.

Mark Herbert was pleased by the interest in the label from all ages: "It's a nostalgic event but we've also got new acts. Young kids who weren't even around when Warp launched in 1989 are getting into it - so there's the middle-aged fogies like me raving in the background and then the youngsters enjoying it too!"

Warp Records returns to Sheffield
22 Sep 09 |  England



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