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Mini-manifestos: Barnsley Central candidates

Nine people have put themselves forward as candidates to become the next MP for Barnsley Central.

The former MP Eric Illsley stood down in February and was jailed for 12 months after pleading guilty to dishonestly claiming parliamentary expenses. A by-election has been called for Thursday 3 March.

The BBC has approached of the candidates to produce their own mini-manifestos in no more than 150 words.

They are published below, in alphabetical order of candidate's surname.

Dominic Carman - Liberal Democrats

Dominic Carman, Liberal Democrats
Carman: "I can secure jobs and investment for Barnsley"

Barnsley needs new jobs and new investment. The public sector can no longer provide them in the present economic environment. Barnsley deserves an MP, who not only represents its people, but who can market their energy and skills effectively. Barnsley needs an ambitious ambassador, someone who can sell what the town and its people have to offer: a low cost base, a skilled work force, and an excellent geographic location.

I am that ambassador.

I can secure jobs and investment for Barnsley from the private sector.

I have more than 10 years' experience of managing international businesses and raising finance for new business ideas from banks in London and New York, creating jobs and investment. As Barnsley's new MP, I will fight hard to sell Barnsley as a place for businesses to open offices and create jobs. That is what Barnsley needs. That is what I will deliver.

Jane Collins - UKIP

Jane Collins, UKIP
Collins: "No to votes for prisoners"

I am Yorkshire born and bred and understand the concerns and frustrations for the people of Barnsley.

It's time for a change I am the only candidate who can offer that change.

I am standing for:

• No tax on minimum wage.

• Replace VAT with local sales tax to support local businesses.

• End uncontrolled mass immigration.

• Student grants not loans.

• Increase bin collections back to weekly.

• Keep the streets cleaner.

• No to votes for prisoners.

• Pensions to be non means tested and £130 per week.

• Reform the welfare system and introduce workfare projects which will enhance the local community.

• Stop sending £48m per day to the European Union, let's trade freely with Europe and not be governed by it.

• Stop sending £23m per day to foreign aid no strings attached.

• Use local referenda - your input matters.

Enis Dalton - BNP

Enis Dalton, BNP
Dalton: "Lead by example with passion honour and integrity"

If elected I will:

Tackle housing issues by lobbying for the British National Party's Housing Policy whereby new applicants would be required to meet the local connection test ensuring only genuine cases have access to housing provision.

Given that 35% of our young people are unemployed I will campaign for subsidies in education to students studying engineering and science to rebuild Britains deindustrialised skill base.

Listen to my constituents and find solutions to issues that are important to them.

Address the fact that 11,000 Barnsley children are living below the poverty line by lobbying for appropriate and sensible welfare reform and ensuring British jobs for British workers.

Be available to the people that vote me in, giving them a voice which truly represents their very best interests.

Lead by example with passion honour and integrity.

Tony Devoy - Independent

Tony Devoy - Independent
Devoy: "If elected I will do the job of MP for half the 65,000 annual salary"

I brand myself as the 'Real Barnsley' 'True Labour' candidate, campaigning for fairness, equality of opportunity, social justice and a living income. I believe that most of the divisions and injustices in our society are caused by poverty and income inequality. If elected I will do the job of MP for half the £65,000 annual salary. I believe £32,500 is a fair wage for the job as many people are forced to survive on minimum wage or pensions and benefits well below this.

The other half will be placed in a trust fund and distributed to local community voluntary groups in Barnsley, with £10,000 going to the Help for Heroes charity. This will highlight the 'Greed Agenda' practiced by out- of-touch politicians and prevalent in our public sector organisations where executive officers have prime ministerial salaries and pension rights whilst ordinary people's incomes have fallen in real terms.

James Hockney - Conservatives

James Hockney - Conservatives
Hockney: "I will fight for jobs and investment in Barnsley"

If elected as your MP, I will work hard for Barnsley. Having campaigned here previously, I have a real understanding of the issues and concerns that affect people here in Barnsley.

I will fight for jobs and investment in Barnsley. As someone who runs their own small business and who launched the 'shop local' campaign last year, I believe it's vital we get the local economy moving again.

On top of this, I will fight for a council tax freeze. In these tough times Barnsley Council should do this to help out families and pensioners - especially since council tax has more than doubled since 1997.

Labour let us down - we're paying £120m a day just for the interest on their debt - so don't give them another chance. While it's a hard road to a better Britain, this government has started to get us back on the right track.

Alan 'Howling Laud' Hope - Monster Raving Loony Party

Alan 'Howling Laud' Hope - Monster Raving Loony Party
Hope: "Enough votes could turn the tide and make other parties sit up"

Good people of Barnsley, this is your chance to take this political farce of ours 'one step beyond'.

The Monster Raving Loony Party urge you to vote for Alan 'Howling Laud' Hope, he is the party leader, who honestly believes that enough votes for him could turn the tide and make the other parties sit up and think "where on earth are we going wrong?"

The best vote we have ever achieved is just over 1,000 in Rotherham. Barnsley can do better than that. I'm sure you would want to beat Rotherham and be the first constituency to return enough votes to make a difference. If we retained the deposit it would certainly be an eye-opener.

The 'Howling Laud' says that the main push of his manifesto is to promise to do all the things that the other parties promise to do, when they don't do it.

Dan Jarvis - Labour

Dan Jarvis, Labour
Jarvis: "My expenses will be transparent and published online"

I will always stand up for Barnsley, I would be proud to call Barnsley my home and to raise my children here. I will campaign to attract more jobs and investment into the community.

My expenses will be transparent and published online. I will be accessible to constituents, with an office in the town.

I will oppose the Tory-LibDem Government cuts to policing, their reckless reorganisation of the NHS and I will stand up for Barnsley people who are being hit hard by the VAT rise.

I will stand up for pensioners and for families worried about their children's futures as the Tories scrap EMA, treble tuition fees and take away opportunities like the Future Jobs Fund.

By supporting me voters in Barnsley Central can send a message to David Cameron and his Government. Their cuts are too fast and too deep and are hitting Barnsley harder than other places.

Kevin Riddiough - English Democrats

Kevin Riddiough, English Democrats
Riddiough: "We need to put England's interests first."

The English Democrats are campaigning for fairness for England. Our monies, rights and freedoms are being given away by politicians who ignore the interests of ordinary people. This self-indulgence can no longer be afforded. We need to put England's interests first.

We need to reverse the tide of political correctness, end mass immigration, and leave the EU. We need to look after our elderly and vulnerable as a priority. We should no longer allow Scottish and Welsh MPs to influence our affairs to their own advantage while we have no say on theirs. We need an English parliament to represent English interests. We should stop giving away so much of our money in extra subsidies for Scotland and Wales, to the EU, and in increasing overseas aid. Charity Begins at Home!

I am a local man and look forward to fighting for the interests of the people of Barnsley.

Michael Val-Davies - Independent

Michael Val-Davies - Independent
Val-Davies: "One thing that has to be fixed though is the state of the roads."

I would first of all use the humiliation I would have imposed on the entire London political class to press for more time for Barnsley to adjust to lower public spending. The fact is that if entrepreneurs have the ideas to create new jobs Barnsley people can fill them. The hotel I am staying at is a shining example of that. One thing that has to be fixed though is the state of the roads I will demand that the first call on the £40 bn motorists pay in taxes is road repairs. In a broader sense I am standing here because the party loyalties that have been with us for as long as we can remember are dying and I would like to help administer the last rites. If I came near the top in the ballot for private members legislation I would introduce a bill to control the companies who advertise loans at 4000%.

Barnsley Central candidates
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