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Presenter Profile: Dave Gilyeat
Dave Gilyeat

Having spent five years in boarding school and a further five years working in advertising it's perhaps surprising that Dave is seen as the saner half of the BBC Oxford Introducing presenter duo.

But a degree in Media Systems and a life long love of music set him up perfectly to take on the mantle of Broadcast Journalist at BBC Oxford and to produce BBC Oxford's local music show.

Dave has been with the show ever since it first hit the airwaves in March 2005 as 'The Download'.

Born in Iran to an Iranian mother and a British father in the Royal Signals, Dave's early life took him to a succession of exotic locales until the family settled in Oxfordshire when he was aged ten.

Dave met future co-presenter Tim Bearder in college and they both became members of little-seen and little-loved Bicester band Toshi Station, followed by the indie three piece Strafe.

Now, as well as working to give more deserving local bands airtime, Dave writes for BBC Oxford Online, produces Video Nation and films reports on bands for BBC Oxford News.

Dave also likes tank tops, cats and Haribo.

Q & A

1. How did you get into radio?


2. What was your first broadcast?

Back in the mists of time it was BBC Oxford's internet local music show. We had about 5 listeners per week, one of which was my Mum.

3. What other jobs have you done besides broadcasting?

Petrol station attendant, admin for a trailer and truck imports company and sold advertising for RSC theatre programmes.

4. What would you like to be if you weren't a radio presenter?

I only do a radio show about local bands because I wish I was in one.

5. What would your listeners be surprised to learn about you?

One of my ancestors is Captain Cook. So my Dad said anyway, and he never fibbed about anything. Was he having me on?

6. Which person would you most enjoy being stuck in a lift with?

Your momma.

7. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

I've already won the lottery, it's no biggie.

8. What is your worst habit?

Telling bands what I really think about them. Oh, and stalking.

9. Tell us about your 1st:

Car: Rover Metro.

Job: In a factory that made plastic things. I learnt a lot.

Kiss: Worth writing home about.

Record/CD: Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion II.

10. What is your favourite:

Food: I prefer to go without.

Sandwich: That's personal.

Place in Oxfordshire: Not much plaice, no. It's mainly trout, pike and flounder in these parts.

Item of clothing: This is a pants question.

Song: Strawberry Fields Forever.

Singer: David Bowie or Scott Walker.

Film: Moonraker. Why shoot James Bond when you can set your pet python on him? Genius.

T.V Show: Doctor Who. Did someone say "geek"?

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