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Church of the Dreaming Spires
The Church of the Dreamin Spires
Christianity has influenced Oxford thinking and vice versa

Since it formed around a Christian monastery in the 8th century, Oxford has been a cornerstone of the Christian faith in England.

An Oxford scholar was the first man to translate the Bible into English and the University has educated innumerable Archbishops and even an anti-Pope.

This constant process of scholarly thought has spawned a number of important denominations.

The Oxford Movement and also Methodism started in the city.

That passionate pursuit for answers has now led to an Oxford that is more secular than at any previous point in its history. It is home of the world's leading atheist Professor Richard Dawkins, while at the same time being the University that educated the incumbent Archbishop of Canterbury.

With this fascinating history to unearth, BBC Oxford's Tim Bearder went to discover how we came to be at this point in Christian thinking by learning more about the characters and events that shaped the city's past.

How has Christianity changed?
20 Apr 06 |  Africa



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