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Rare Oriental Turtle-dove spotted in Oxfordshire garden
Oriental Turtle-dove
The Oriental Turtle-dove has flown at least 3,000 miles off course

An Oriental Turtle-dove caused a stir when it landed in Steve Akers' Chipping Norton garden.

The keen ornithologist decided to open his doors to his fellow bird watchers, who queued down the street to get a chance to view the rare bird.

Unfortunately only a few 'twitchers' got to see the bird before it flew away, but it returned the following day.

The Oriental Turtle-dove differs from the European variety in that it is larger and greyer.

Adam Hartley, webmaster of Oxon Bird Log, said: "It's been very exciting to have such a great rarity turn up in Oxfordshire.

"It's just a shame that the bird didn't cooperate yesterday so that more people could have enjoyed it."

Mark Thomas from the RSPB said around 500 people had turned up to see the bird which is native to Siberia and usually migrates south.

He said: "This bird has flown about 3,000 to 4,000 miles in the wrong direction and has ended up on the British shores. It's only the ninth ever recorded in the UK.

"It's fit and well and has joined in with the British resident birds.

"Come the Spring the urge for this bird to migrate back to where it came from will take place. Whether it will make that or not no one can really forecast."




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