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Does a micro pig make a good pet?

Micro pigs can sell for up to 250

Micro pigs are the latest celebrity accessory, owned by everyone from Rupert Grint to Katie Price.

As the name suggests they are miniature pigs that can be trained like a dog and kept in the house as a pet.

Michelle Cameron is a micro pig breeder from Thame. She sells her pigs for anything from £100 to £250.

"They are around knee high but obviously they can get to a fair old size," she said. "At the end of the day they are still pigs."

'Great pets'

In a statement to BBC Oxford the RSPCA said: "Owning and caring for a pig requires a great deal of commitment, time, skill, money, sufficient space to house the animal, specialist veterinary care when necessary and compliance with the many laws governing the keeping and transport of pigs."

Anyone wishing to keep a pig must have a CPH number.

Pig and ball
The RSPCA states that owning a pig requires a great deal of commitment

It stands for 'County Parish Holding' and is needed in case of disease outbreak so that the authorities can track the pigs.

But despite these drawbacks Ms Cameron says that they make great pets.

Apparently they can be treated like dogs and are very clean.

Like dogs they can also be trained not to mess in the house.

Ms Cameron said: "They make absolutely wonderful pets and my kids absolutely love them.

"But make sure you've got a good sized garden... ask questions from the breeder, make sure you see the parents and ask as many questions as you can."

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