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Page last updated at 15:51 GMT, Wednesday, 10 November 2010
Midsomer Murders fans can explore the real Causton
John Nettles
Nettles has been solving TV crimes since his days as Bergerac in the 80s

Midsomer Murders fans can now plan pilgrimages to their favourite film locations with the help of a new dedicated website.

South Oxfordshire District Council has launched www.visitmidsomer.com to help visitors follow in the footsteps of Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby.

The TV series is mainly set in and around Wallingford which is used as the fictional town of Causton.

An interactive map on the site shows other key Midsomer locations.

Visitors should be warned.

The show has been aired on ITV since 1997 and in that time there have been 214 murders; eleven accidents, ten suicides and six deaths from natural causes.

Thankfully few criminals get away with their misdemeanours. DCI Barnaby, played by John Nettles, is always on hand to catch those responsible.

But even though Mr Nettles has decided to leave the series at the end of 2010 visitors have not been put off.

Figures released by Tourism South East for 2009 show tourism in South Oxfordshire is worth £222,003,000 and supports 3,716 jobs in the area.

Councillor Bill Service said: "Midsomer Murders attracts a global audience.

"We want to draw attention to South Oxfordshire and encourage more visitors. Their interest brings direct benefit to local hotels, shops and restaurants."


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