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Fans fund independent music film Anyone Can Play Guitar
Image from Anyone Can Play Guitar trailer
Anyone Can Play Guitar has been three years in the making

The director of an independent film about the Oxford music scene is looking for fans to help pay for its release.

Anyone Can Play Guitar has been three years in the making and distils over 300 hours of footage into a one-and-a-half hour feature-length documentary.

The film, which highlights the likes of Radiohead and Supergrass, is the brainchild of director Jon Spira.

He has self-funded the project thus far but now needs a further £10,000 to professionally finish it.

Mr Spira, who used to run the Videosyncratic video rental shop on the Cowley Road, has been a self-professed local music geek for years.

He described making the film as the best experience of his life but now needs the support of Oxford music fans to get it released.

"We need to raise a little bit more funding," he told BBC Oxford. "The film's finished but to pay for the sound mix and the picture edit we've registered with www.indiegogo.com."

The website enables supporters to make small contributions to help independent producers bank-roll their projects.

In return the investors get various perks depending on how much they put forward.

They can get anything from a copy of the DVD to an Executive Producer credit on the film.

The title Anyone Can Play Guitar is taken from the song title of a track on Radiohead's first album Pablo Honey.

The film tells the story of the Oxford music scene since the 1980s.

"A small group of people decided their community was something that was worth putting their energy into," Mr Spira said.

"Basically they turned Oxford into a training ground for new bands."

The film concentrates on the development of an artistic scene that continues to nurture new bands.

"It's not about money," the young director said. "As you see in the film, when money rears its ugly head the whole thing collapses."

Despite this some things do come at a cost. If the film secures funding it will premiere in Oxford in November with an exclusive preview event at the OX4 Festival on 9 October.

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