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Brian May locates lost 3D village
Brian May
Bryan May's interest in 3D images led him to Hinton Waldrist

"You feel like you can walk in and talk to these people captured in the 1850s.

"I've been very excited about this for a very long time."

Queen guitarist Brian May is describing the stereoscopic images of Victorian TR Williams that were taken in the small Oxfordshire village of Hinton Waldrist.

The pioneering photographer deliberately kept the location of the village a secret, but May was determined to track it down when writing a new book on the subject.

With the book A Village Lost and Found, co-authored with Elena Vidal, May hopes to bring about a renaissance in the interest of TR Williams and his work, a man who he describes as "a rock star of his age."

He described the process to BBC Oxford's Malcolm Boyden: "They were taken with a single camera with two lenses, one above the other. You'd take a picture, then move the camera a few inches to one side and then take another picture. It's called sequential stereoscopy."

Brian May
May was heading for a career as an astrophysicist before Queen

May has been fascinated by 3D picture cards since he was a child, collecting the freebies in cereal packets.

This led to a passion for stereoscopic images, one that he has followed for more than 30 years - as well as his interest in astrophysics - alongside his career as the lead guitarist in one of the world's most influential rock bands.


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