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Playing music with Serbian Roma
Faith Elliott playing the accordion

Oxford-based ethnomusicologist and musical director Faith Elliott has just got back from a rather special journey.

Fascinated by Gypsy music, she decided to get in a car and drive solo from Oxford to Serbia.

She went to learn more about the music of the Roma people and to study accordion with some real masters.

In an interview for BBC Oxford's world music programme Global Echoes, Faith spoke with reporter Rich Ward about her adventures.

Faith packed her recording equipment in a bag and when she got back chose some highlights from the many hours that she gathered on her trip, to paint a sonic picture of the musical life she encountered.

Roma people playing in Serbia
Faith recorded the sessions for a sonic picture of the life she encountered

In a place where the material comforts of life are often thin on the ground, and there is a lot of discrimination and hardship, Faith found a place where music and everyday life were one and the same thing.

Faith said: "I wanted an adventure, and I got one. The people I met were musicians of extraordinary skill who were totally passionate. Every single night there were frenzied jam sessions well into the small hours".

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