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Fake Renoir painting in auction
Nick Williams with the Keating portrait
Nick Williams of Holloway's says Keating's art is much sought after

Tom Keating faced trial in the 1970s on a charge of conspiracy to defraud after it was revealed that he had faked thousands of pictures by over 100 different artists.

Over 30 years on and his forgeries are valuable collectables in themselves.

On 29 September a Banbury auctioneers sold his portrait of a young woman in pastel, painted in the style of Renoir for £300.

Keating painted the work on a television programme before his death.

He started out as an art restorer before he became what he saw as a forger with a cause. He claimed to have contempt for a system where art dealers made money at artists' expense.

The famous fraudster was arrested in 1977 and faced trial at the Old Bailey. However, due to his ill health the case was eventually dropped.

He then presented a series of television programmes revealing the techniques of the great Impressionists before he died in 1984.

"Since his death, Keating's paintings have become increasingly sought after," says Nick Williams from the Banbury sale room. "[They] are now very much collected in their own right."

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