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Memory loss presenter retraces steps after bicycle bump
John Holmes presents BBC Radio Nottingham's Sunday Morning Show
John Holmes presents BBC Radio Nottingham's Sunday Morning Show

BBC Radio Nottingham presenter John Holmes wants to find out what happened to him after he lost four hours of his memory.

He set off to work from his home in West Bridgford at 0845 GMT by bicycle on 4 November.

But he arrived at the BBC on London Road four hours later confused and without any memory of how he got there.

He said: "My doctor asked me if I was frightened. I don't feel frightened I just feel bemused."

"Hopefully it will come back," he added.

Missing hours

Mr Holmes, who also presents Holmes and Away on East Midlands Today, remembered cycling towards a set of traffic lights on Musters Road, checking for cars on his right before turning left.

After that the evidence is thin as to what happened in those missing hours.

He would normally have cycled on the Embankment, over the Meadow Lane lock and along the canal to the BBC.

Mr Holmes has a large bruise on his left leg, shoulder pain and his bike helmet has a small indentation in it.

However, he said that his bicycle was not damaged and there was no dirt, mud or oil on the clothes he was wearing.

No eyewitnesses have come forward and no CCTV footage has emerged.

"I'd love to know if people did see me," he said.

"It's very easy saying 'I was on a silver push-bike', but the distinctive thing was that I wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket, not zipped up so it flares out.

"I want to know what happened. I lost four hours of my life."

When John finally arrived at the BBC he locked his bike up as normal and went up to the reception to collect his mail.

John Holmes' bruise on left leg
John Holmes has a huge bruise on his left thigh

Receptionist Wendy Feargrieve said he was confused and distressed.

Paramedics were called and John was eventually taken to hospital.

"The saddest thing is that no one filmed me," he joked.

"I'd love to see it, have a laugh. Because apparently I was completely and utterly out of my tree."

He had a brain scan, x-rays on his leg and shoulder and a tracer on his heart, at the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham.

It revealed he had not had a stroke or a heart attack.

"I think I'd still be in the QMC if it wasn't for my helmet," said John.

John Holmes has asked that if you have any information as to what happened to him during his missing four hours, then please call BBC Radio Nottingham on 0115 934 3434.

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