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BBC Nottingham on Twitter
Twitter can be accessed from the web or via your mobile phone

BBC Nottingham is updated across the week with the latest news, sport, features, photo galleries and a whole lot more from where you live.

The BBC Nottingham Twitter feed is a quick and easy way to get these updates as and when they happen.

For each new update we provide a headline, a quick summary and a link to the full story.

You do not have to sign up to Twitter to see the feed - you can view it via: http://www.twitter.com/bbcnottingham .

But to get the best from our feed, use your Twitter account to "follow" us - that way you'll be able to see BBC Nottingham updates whenever you log on to Twitter.

Each link is provided via a special "shortening" service, so it may start with an unfamiliar name like "tinyurl.com". You can be sure, though, that all our links point to BBC Nottingham content.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is what is known as a "microblogging" service. This simply means it is a way of sending and reading short text updates - either from people or from organisations (like BBC Nottingham).

Twitter became famous when stars like Stephen Fry and Oprah Winfrey started using it to communicate directly with their fans.

Signing up to Twitter is free.

Once signed up, you can choose to "follow" (i.e. see updates from) as many other Twitter users as you like.

You can access Twitter from the web or via your mobile phone. Costs of accessing via phone will vary depending on your mobile tariff.

Twitter isn't the only microblogging service (though it is by far the most popular). Others include Plurk, Jaiku and identi.ca

Radio presenters 'tweet'

There are several people at BBC Nottingham 'tweeting' where you answer the question 'what are you doing?' in 140 letters or less. Visit the individual Twitter pages of Frances Finn, David Jackson, Robin Chipperfield, Rob Underwood and The Beat on the Beeb.



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