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Nottinghamshire expats caught in Australian floods

Brisbane floods taken by Nottingham expat Robert Lamb
The view from Beeston man Robert Lamb's property in St. Lucia, Brisbane

Nottinghamshire expatriates residing in Australia have been describing what life has been like living with the floods sweeping Queensland.

Australia's third biggest city has been devastated by the Brisbane river breaking its banks submerging whole suburbs under water.

The three men who now live in the Brisbane area of Queensland have all been affected by the rising waters.

Robert Lamb: Left Beeston for Brisbane in 1992

"I've been watching the river and it's still a raging torrent full of junk and all sorts of debris.

"In the grounds of our apartment, there's a boat just lodged in a tree.

"I've had to move out of my place as it's been underwater, luckily I'm in block of apartments and so the water's just got into the garage.

"Some of my neighbours have suffered far worse than I have, I've been lucky.

"Everyone's been helping each other the best way they can, helping to move furniture.

"Anyone who lives within a kilometre of the river will have suffered terribly.

"The electricity has all been cut to these areas so it's left 130,000 houses without power."

Peter Crofts: Moved from St. Anns in 1981

"What's been happening here, particularly in Toowoomba, is devastating to see.

"Everything's ok at the moment, we live on a higher plane but our place of work is affected.

Residents in town of Theodore use boat to get around
Some of the residents in the town of Theodore need a boat to get around

"We've had to raise everything off the ground.

"At home, the only really annoying thing is that it's stopped me using the swimming pool.

"The ground just can't soak up any more water so there's a lot of flooding as there's nowhere for it to go.

"[The town of] Toowoomba didn't see it [the floods] coming, whereas we've known it was on its way.

Nic Patterson: Nottingham Forest fan emigrated 30 years ago

"We live on the north side of Brisbane in a suburb called Petrie and it's pretty high up so there's no chance of flooding.

"But lower down it's flooded and the next suburb along is flooded, so the problem we have is getting to work.

Aerial view over Brisbane's Suncorp stadium
The home of the Brisbane Broncos, Suncorp stadium, is waterlogged

"We've got friends that have had to evacuate into a depot area that has been set up for flood victims.

"People are being asked to stay away from city areas as the river's broken its banks and its thought the water is still rising.

"It's a heck of a lot of water.

"Brisbane has had time to think about how it was going to prepare as they knew it was coming.

"But it's the people further up in Toowoomba and further down that weren't expecting it and that's where the trouble is."

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