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Illustrator Ian Culbard on new Sherlock Holmes book
Ian Culbard's artwork. Copywright: SelfMadeHero 2010
Ian Culbard has taken Holmes and Watson back to their original image

Britain's famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes has recently been brought up to date in a new BBC series.

Nottingham illustrator Ian Culbard has also been bringing Arthur Conan Doyle's creation to a new audience via the graphic novel.

Together with the book's writer Ian Edginton, the pair have have worked on three books.

Ian Culbard said: "[Holmes] fans are called 'Sherlockians' I am a Conan Doyle fan so that makes me a 'Doyley'."

The freelance artist who writes, draws comics, makes animated films and commercials and develops TV shows was approached by Ian Edginton to illustrate a new graphic novel about Sherlock Holmes in 2008.

The first thing they did was to take Holmes and Watson back to their original image in the Conan Doyle novels.

"There's a very rich, visual identity with the character," said Ian.

"You have the pipe and the deerstalkers and we started by stripping that away and going back to the original texts.

"From that point of view it was a case of finding our feet by referring back to Doyle himself rather than anything that has gone after that."

Ian said he is a fan of the new BBC TV series, Sherlock co-created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

"I really like it," said Ian. "Their approach to bringing it up to date is fantastic.

"The fact that Watson served in Afghanistan is still relevant, even now.

"When you're reading the original texts they do have a relevance [to today] about them which is very refreshing."

Ian Culbard and Ian Edginton's latest Sherlock Holmes book The Sign of Four, published by Self Made Hero, is out in August 2010.

The last episode of Sherlock will be broadcast on BBC One at 9.00pm on Sunday, 8 August 2010.

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