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Nottingham's Workplace Parking Levy

BBC Radio Nottingham has commissioned an opinion poll on Nottingham's Workplace Parking Levy.

Seven hundred and fifty people were interviewed between 11 - 14 March, 2010. They were asked a series of questions relating to the parking tax.

It was found that only 22% of people in Nottinghamshire supported the idea.

The majority (79%) did not think the cost of the levy (£253 per year) would persuade many people to ditch the car and commute on public transport.

While less than 20% of respondents believed the current tram had improved traffic congestion.

Opinion poll results

Below are the questions and answers from the Workplace Parking Levy survey:

Nottingham City Council has announced plans to introduce a workplace parking levy. This would mean a charge of £253 a year - about £5 a week - on each space in company car parks that have 11 or more spaces. The money raised would go to help local public transport. Do you support or oppose the idea of a workplace parking levy?

Workplace Parking Levy: Opinion poll results

The responsibility for paying the levy will fall on employers who will be able to pass it on to their employees if they want to. Do you think the employer or employee should pay the charge?

Workplace Parking Levy: Opinion poll results

Had you heard about this parking levy before today?

Workplace Parking Levy: Opinion poll results

Do you think the cost of the workplace parking levy - £253 a year, or around £5 a week - will persuade people to use public transport to go to work instead of driving?

Workplace Parking Levy: Opinion poll results

The proposal is to invest the money that the parking levy is expected to raise in local public transport - including the expansion of Nottingham's tram network. Do you think this would be a good or bad use of the money?

Workplace Parking Levy: Opinion poll results

Line One of the Nottingham tram opened in 2004. Since it opened, do you think traffic congestion in Nottingham has got better, got worse or has it not really changed?

Workplace Parking Levy: Opinion poll results

Click here to download the full results of the Workplace Parking Levy Survey carried out by GfK NOP on behalf of BBC Radio Nottingham, 11 - 14 March 2010 (PDF file)


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