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Nottinghamshire braces itself for service cuts
Recycling centre
Recycling centres are just one area to be affected by the proposed cuts

Nottinghamshire County Council is preparing to save around £88m over the next three years.

But there are fears that key services will be affected and it will have a major impact on people's lives.

The council says it needs to save money in some areas in order to spend more on other services.

Although the overall budget is increasing, there is criticism of plans to sell care homes, close recycling centres and review community transport.

The council intends to close three household waste recycling centres, in Stapleford, Gedling and Sutton-in-Ashfield, to save around £360,000.

"Best recycling rate"

David Bassford uses the Stapleford facility and said it should stay open. He believed it was a good example of how a rubbish tip should operate.

David Bassford at Stapleford recycling centre
David Bassford thinks fly-tipping will increase if recycling centres close

"I can't understand why it is closing. It has the best recycling rate of all 17 centres in the county," he said.

"I would be very concerned if it closed altogether. It's popular and well managed. It would be a huge loss to Stapleford and will lead to more fly-tipping."

The council said users of the three centres will be able to take rubbish to alternative sites nearby. It added that the county would still have a good number of recycling centres compared with other authorities.

Cutting care

Tony Mattison's mother, Mary Hayward, visits the Bramwell Care Home in Bramcote, which is one of 13 care homes the council plans to sell.

Mr Mattison said: "I'm opposed to the sell-off. To me, privatisation means profits come first and standards will go down."

Tony Mattison and his mother Mary at the Bramwell Care Home
Tony Mattison and his mother Mary are upset at plans to close care homes

Mrs Hayward, from Chilwell, is 88-years-old and uses the day centre at Bramwell twice a week. It specialises in helping people with Alzheimer's.

She said she enjoyed her visits. "I'd be lost if I didn't come here. From the moment they pick me up, I feel I'm being looked after. I've met some lovely people here."

The council said it intended to sell the homes as going concerns to a charity or not-for-profit organisation.

The money saved would go towards providing supported housing for older people, known as 'extra care' places.

Off the road

The authority will review community transport schemes in which volunteer drivers take people, who can have difficulty getting out and about on their own, to places like the shops, doctors or social events.

Joyce Dowd, who is registered blind, uses one of the schemes in Eastwood. She is concerned the review will lead to the withdrawal of council funding and the closure of the scheme.

Joyce Dowd (left) with volunteer driver Margaret Panter
"It's a lifeline," said Joyce Dowd (left) with volunteer driver Margaret Panter

"It's such a valuable service," said Mrs Dowd. "I can't read labels, so the driver, Margaret, takes me shopping and helps read the labels on products. It's so much more than a taxi service, it's a lifeline to me."

Her husband, Roy, is also blind and uses the scheme. "It's such a personal service. You know the person who takes you, it makes a big difference."

The council originally proposed to cut £150,000 from the £250,000 budget for community transport schemes.

After receiving petitions against the proposal, it decided that funding would be continued for a year and a full review would be carried out.

It said the review aimed to ensure that all the schemes provided value for money.

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I am horrified and bewildered that the Stapleford Waste management recling centre is to close. It achieves according to published figues 85% success in recylng higher than Beeston at 72% after a big refurbishment. Stapleford has a large population, the tip is always busy, and recyling is an important environemntal issue. People from Bramcote, Toton and Sandicare also use the tip. How is Nottinghamshire going to achieve it's target for recyling set by the Government if they close Recycling centres which are run by Veolia? People cannot walk with wheelbarrows full of garden waste to Beeston - 7 miles away. The garden waste will not fit in a brown bin so where will it go? fly tipping or in the black bin? By using cars to transport to a tip further away our carbon footprint is enlarged. I cannot see any good points for closing Stapleford Tip.
Mrs Gillian Morral

There are to many chiefs and not enough red indians always have been on the NOTTINGHAM councils You have only got to go to woodthope grange park and see people with there feet up on there desk or walking round trying to look busy.
David W Mumford

This is ridiculous.... we are forced to recycle everything, then the council cut the means to do this! How do they expect us to do what were supposed to when we have minimal facilities! Does the council tax keep creeping up for any reason?? or is it just to keep the fat cats in a well paid job!! We pay for these services and we are NOT receiving them!! Always the same old same old... the council have no money, so what do they do?? Steal it off hard working people in minimum wage!! Great example they are setting, government and councils are an absolute joke!!!
Miss Geri Gray

Absolutely disgusted by these cuts as always the elderly are singled out. Time to vote them out!!!!
A Marriott

I listened to Kay Cutts this morning on BBC Radio Nottingham and was disgusted by her attitude. She did not try to see any of the listeners points of view or explain adequately why her council were doing what they were doing. I think she is a very arrogant person with absolutely no manners at all. She should remember that councillors are voted in and can be easily voted out - Vive le revolution!
Brian Askew

What a great idea..cut back on all the things that the local community need... what an absolutely riduclous idea. Close down the recycling centre because theres one near by...where beeston? thats not nearby. Erewash need to get there prorities right, constantly getting leaflets through my door telling me to recycle etc etc, and then close down my nearest recycling centre...yes Erewash, fantastic really encouraging me to recycle more and considering I'm one of the only people down my road who recycle rather than squash everything in my bin on bin day... its a big slap in the face. It's clear to see these pen pushers do not live in the local area.
K Maddock-Bradley

Cuts have to be made as the public cannot go on supporting ever expanding public spending. It is easy to identify sob stories where cuts are concerned but where are the alternative proposals?

1st point. Good to reduce the staff level, t happens to most of us at one time or another.

2nd point. once again target the folks who need help. that is usual.

3rd point transport. is it the old folks again? Disgraceful.
Barbara Holubowskyj

As a County Council employee and Nottinghamshire resident, I am really disturbed by the way in which the cuts are being imposed (a) in terms of services for Nottinghamshire people, (b) the impact on businesses and community organisations, and (c) the direct and indirect redundancies that will result. At the moment, it isn't clear what the long-term effects will be for Nottinghamshire; but one thing is certain - every one of us will need to be more resourceful and self-reliant. What is really sad is that some small-but-significant services will be withdrawn from community and neighbourhood groups, and this will undoubtedly mean that we will see the end of some clubs, societies and services that are run by the voluntary sector. Just as a final point, NCC refers to job cuts as "deletions" - this softening-down is an insult to us that are facing redundancy.
Rod Fretwell

What a wonderful response from Brian Robinson, blame the unemployed. Does he not realise the Tories are going to put more people out of work with there cost cutting and create high unemployment again.

It shouldn't take a recession to force Councils to make efficiency savings. Since Local Government Re-organisation in 1974, I have observed a steady increase and diversification in public sector posts which has blunted efficiency, output and attitude.
T Bennett

every one is talking about the polution caused by cars,but the council propose to close the stapleford recylcling point and to use a point further afield, thus adding to polution. do the council ever realise what they are really talking about.
William Harrison

The decision to close the recycling facility in Stapleford is ill conceived and wrong. It is the most efficient recycling site in the county by the Councils own admission, and is used well and well managed. It will be a huge loss to Stapleford and lead to an increase in fly tipping. Within Broxtowe, Stapleford is the poor relation to Beeston and this decision seems to enforce this view.
Keith Austin

At last some sense. You cannot get out of debt by spending. Cut benefits and make the scroungers go to work like the rest of us.
Brian Robinson

CUT Coun. Kay Cutts Huge wages, her and her other overpaid tory colleagues should lead by example and make sacrifices FIRST. BUT as usual its the lowest paid who are often doing the most important caring jobs that lose everything.

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