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Rare Winter Stalkball mushroom found at nature reserve
Rare puffball mushroom Tulostoma brumale. Photo by Richard Rogers
The last time this species was spotted in the Nottinghamshire was in 1898

A rare puffball mushroom, tulostoma brumale, has been found at Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire.

The mushroom, commonly known as the Winter Stalkball, was spotted during an organised fungi identification course on 6 November.

The find has now been confirmed after sample analysis by the Nottinghamshire Fungi Group.

The last time one of this species was spotted in Nottinghamshire was in 1898, 112 years ago, in Colwick Park.

The Winter Stalkball is often found from September to January on sandy soils in moss or short grass.

Rare puffball mushroom Tulostoma brumale. Photo by Richard Rogers
Tulostoma brumale was found on Corbett's Meadow on the reserve

The puffball diameter is 0.5 to one centimetre and the total height ranges from two to five centimetres.

The species was more common in the Victorian era.

Its occurrence is associated with the use of highly alkaline lime mortar used in building work at the time.

Richard Rogers, a local naturalist who attended the course, said: "It has been postulated that recent inland finds are due to old building conservation moving away from using concrete and back to lime mortar."

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