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Nottinghamshire family plan local food experiment

Family plan local food experiment

A couple and their seven-year-old daughter plan to live solely off food grown within a mile and a half of their home in Upton, Nottinghamshire.

Dr Richard Jones and his wife Dr Naomi Sykes, both university lecturers, hope to learn more about the food that they eat, and the community they live in.

Dr Jones said the project came about after they realised how lazy they were.

He said: "Although we live in an area where there's seemingly a lot of food [grown] we haven't thought about it."

But now the pair plan to forget supermarkets and challenge themselves to source produce locally.

They do have a their own chickens and vegetable patch and promise to try out recipes for nettle tea and dandelion coffee but will largely be rely on food and drink from the local community.

Dr Sykes said: "We are very lucky in that we live in a village where there are a couple of farms nearby - our next door neighbours are potato farmers.

Map showing Upton in Nottinghamshire with a 1.5 mile radius marked out
Map showing the 1.5 mile radius the family plan to source food from

"But I think we will all lose quite a bit of weight."

Their seven-year-old daughter is also terrified of living without crisps.

Dr Jones and Dr Sykes work at the University of Leicester and University of Nottingham respectively.

In their work they are both interested in the relationship between people and the land.

They plan to carry out the social experiment in September 2010.

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