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Page last updated at 09:26 GMT, Tuesday, 1 December 2009
April weather: A cold start but then warming up
Terry Scholey
By Terry Scholey
Independent weather forecaster

It should gradually get warmer as April progresses

April will start cold but will warm up although this will bring the prospect of thundery showers.

Easter will be unsettled with Easter Sunday the best day of the holiday period.

Showers are likely throughout April although as the month progresses temperatures should start to rise.

I use solar activity readings to predict the weather and have been forecasting independently for more than 50 years.

The month in detail

An unsettled first week will spoil the Easter holiday, with just a brief lull around Easter Sunday. There will be rain at times followed by showers that could be heavy in places, giving local thunder. The first week should see temperatures mostly below normal, but with brief milder intervals and it may be quite windy at times.

The April showers should fade into the second week and that could produce a drier, quieter spell. The nights could be cold to begin with giving slight frost, but a few quite sunny spring days will eventually lift temperatures to perhaps give some pleasantly warm afternoons.

By around the 11th, the risk of catching a shower will increase and this will probably become more acute towards mid-April, as a cold east or north-easterly wind develops. It could then become more like winter again in possibly a dull, raw, very pleasant period, with occasional rain and there could even be a little sleet or wet snow on hills.

April showers could continue into the third week, but there should be a noticeable rise in temperature. The period around the 19th to 23rd may offer some of the best weather of the month, when sunny spells could lift temperatures into the low 20s Celsius for a time. There could even be a slightly humid feel later and as the weather begins to change once more, heavy showers giving thunder could break out.

As we enter the final week of April there are some uncertainties at present, but another perhaps sudden drop in temperature seems likely. Showers could even be wintry again on hills for a time, followed by a drier interval with cold nights and further outbreaks of rain by month end. An alternative however, would be for a continuation of mild conditions but with further April showers.


Probably close to or a little below normal depending on the outcome of the final week. If the latter, then close to or slightly above normal, with some stark variations.


The nature of showers causes variations, but a wetter than normal April is suggested with the rain coming in short, sharp bursts. Much of the second week and the period from the 18th to 22nd should be drier. Thunder may be more frequent than usual.


Mid-April could be quite dull for a time especially towards the east coast and as you would expect, there'll be large amounts of cloud during unsettled periods. The best of the sunshine should be in the second week and towards the 21st, with totals probably close to or a little below average for the time of year.


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