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Enthusiasts restoring Brough Superior classic car
Volunteer working on Brough Superior
Volunteers have been working on the Brough Superior since the start of 2010

Volunteers are confident they will be able to restore a rare classic car originally built in Nottingham.

The motor enthusiasts have been working on the Brough Superior in a workshop in Radford since the start of 2010.

It is one of just four of its type left in the world and the lack of parts is slowing down their work.

Volunteer Richard English commented: "Parts like bearings and brake cylinders take a long time to source. But it will be finished."

The car was originally built in 1936 but has been in storage for more than 20 years. In the 1980s an attempt was made to restore it but the job was never finished.

Brough Superior
If the project is successful the restored vehicle should look like this

There are several reasons the task is so difficult to complete. There are no original plans to work from, the ash frame of the car was severely rotted and spare parts are difficult to get hold of.

"We've had to find out things as we go along," said Mr English.

"We've had problems with springs. They're not the type of thing that can be taken off the shelf. They're all items that have to be made."

The car is still in sections, including the chassis and ash frame.

The volunteers have been learning engineering techniques from car restoration specialists at Ristes Motors.

Chief engineer Kevin Blackburn said: "I think the team's done very well. Some of them have no knowledge whatsoever but they've made good progress."

The project is not just about restoration. It includes research into the social history of Nottingham around the 1930s when the vehicle was produced. Students are also filming the restoration process.

Volunteer working on Brough Superior
Work on the car has taken so long as spare parts have to be purpose built

It is hoped the car will be restored by spring 2011 although Mr English said that might be an optimistic date.

"It depends an awful lot on the availability of parts and whether we can manufacture them."

A superior car

The Brough Superior group was best known for manufacturing motorcycles.

The company was started by George Brough and was based on Haydn Road, Nottingham. It existed from 1919 to 1940.

Fans of the motorcycle included TE Lawrence and George Bernard Shaw.

Approximately 85 Brough Superior cars were constructed. They were built between 1935 and 1939.



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