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Victoria Centre clock removal is "pure rumour"

One Nottinghamian explains his love for Nottingham's Emett Clock

The general manager of the Victoria Centre has said talk of its famous clock's removal is "pure rumour."

Richard Bowler said the clock, created by Rowland Emett in 1973, is "an institution of Nottingham and will remain so".

The rumours have been circulating since Jerry's Tank was removed from the shopping centre in 2009. Mr Bowler said this was an issue of health and safety.

He said the tank needed replacing and would have cost over £150,000.

Mr Bowler has also confirmed the fish from the tank are now "swimming happily" at Bristol Zoo.

Rowland Emett

In 1973, Rowland Emett created The Aqua Horological Tintinnabulator, more popularly known as the Victoria Centre clock, or the Emmet Clock.

The unique water-powered structure is an icon of Nottingham and a popular meeting place for shoppers.

The Victoria Centre Clock
The Victoria Centre clock is a popular meeting place for shoppers

Mr Emett also designed the whacky inventions of Dick Van Dyke's character Caractacus Potts, in the 1968 movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The inventor died in 1990 but his clock continues to delight the people of Nottingham.

In 2009, £7000 was collected in the wishing well, most of which will go to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Mr Bowler believes since 1973 the people of Nottingham have tossed around £250,000 in coins into the well.

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