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World's smallest cinema not big enough, says manager
The Screen Room
The Screen Room opened on Broad Street in 2002

The manager of the world's smallest cinema says it was not big enough to survive.

The Screen Room in Nottingham was the smallest single-screen cinema, with just 21 seats.

But after its nine year lease came to an end in December 2010 it was decided to call it a day.

Manager Steve Jones said: "We could have carried on but in the long term a place as small as the Screen Room is always going to struggle."

Steve added: "There are lots of changes afoot in terms of the way cinema is run [and] the way a film is projected, and so for those choppy waters ahead it's time for the Screen Room to close its doors."

Old 35mm projectors are slowly being replaced by new digital technology in many cinemas.

But Steve will not lament the loss of 35mm.

"They [35mm films] weigh 50 kilograms, you can barely lift the thing, and they're transported all over the country," said Steve.

"[Having] a two kilowatt bulb shining behind a film print is almost crazy when people have better technology in their living rooms these days."

Mr Jones came to manage the Screen Room by chance. He was living above the cinema when it opened in 2002. He said:

"I was asked to come down to help for the first couple of nights and after eight years I'm finally escaping!"

On opening the Screen Room was officially recognised as the smallest working commercial cinema in the world.

It showed some of the latest Hollywood films, as well as new art-house pictures, on its solitary screen.

Film goers were also served carrot cake and coffee rather than the traditional popcorn.

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