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Puppeteer gets children's TV BAFTA for Bookaboo
Mr Clarke has been involved with more than 50 television series

A Nottingham puppeteer is part of a team awarded a children's TV BAFTA at a ceremony recognising excellence in making films, TV and video games.

Marcus Clarke, from Nottingham's Hands Up Puppets, provides the puppetry skills and the voice of Bookaboo.

He helped devise the character who is a rock puppy who cannot play his drums until he has heard a story.

Bookaboo won the Pre-School Live Action category at the British Academy Children's Awards.

Marcus Clarke and his partner Helena Smee, from Sherwood, are experienced children's TV script writers and TV puppeteers. Their puppets are all made in Nottingham.

The duo formed Hands up Puppets in 1989.

More nominations

Mr Clarke was involved with another nomination in the same Pre-School category - The Christmas Milkshake Show, for national television network Five.

The duo designed, built and operated the puppets Milky and Shake. Part of the programme included the puppets visiting a children's Ward. This was shot at King's Mill Hospital in Mansfield.

Marcus Clarke and 'Bookaboo'
BAFTA winning Marcus Clarke and rock puppy Bookaboo

World renowned

Marcus and Helena have worked as puppeteers on feature films such as The Muppets Christmas Carol, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Little Shop of Horrors. They have also been involved with more than 50 television series.

Their puppets have been seen on TV shows ranging from Ant and Dec's Saturday Night, Dappledown Farm, A House Just Like Yours, Smarteenies, CBeebies and most recently on Five in Tickle, Patch and Friends.

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