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Stephen Wright: Life on the streets

Picture of people crossing Old Market Square

Stephen Wright is a street photographer, he spends his days documenting life in Nottingham.

Dog on a lead with a stripy top

Stephen said: "Hoodies are social outcasts, as are Staffordshire bull terriers. To see this dog in a hooded top nailed it for me."

Homeless girl outside old cinema

Stephen said: "This homeless girl was outside the old Odeon cinema. I grabbed this shot, then gave her a few pounds."

Old couple walk through the street

Stephen said: "I saw the young couple had chosen to stand apart, while this old couple walked through the centre."

Man on telephone outside jewellers

Stephen said: "This man was on his mobile phone with the words eternity rings above his head. I shot as the two people walked by."

Man in coffee shop

Stephen said: "I noticed this man sat alone in a coffee shop. It was like he was part of a bigger world he wasn't ware of."

People waiting for a bus

Stephen said: "This array of characters caught my eye. I've never seen such a bunch of miserable people all grouped together like this!"

Man on the phone with a poster in background

Stephen said: "It caught my eye that this poster was screaming into this man's ear while he was on his phone."

Man walking past a billboard

Stephen said: "Roxy Rob started a clothing business back in the '70s. I saw him walk past this sign which reads 'I have created fashions'."



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