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Open day at an Anglesey archaeological dig

The Romans invaded Anglesey to defeat the feared Celtic druids

Volunteers have been helping dig up Roman remains on Anglesey and there's one chance to visit the site before it's buried again.

The Gwynedd Archaeological Trust are holding an open day at the excavation at Tai Cochion, Brynsiencyn, on Saturday, 17 July, between 10am and 4pm.

Senior archaeologist, Dave Hopewell, who's been working on site with volunteers for the past three weeks, said:

"Anyone is welcome to come and have a tour round the site, take a look at some of the finds and ask any questions about the dig."

The trust's interest in the site began a few years ago after some interesting finds by amateur metal detectors.

"We carried out a geo-physical survey, which allows you to see what's beneath the surface of the field, and discovered a seven metre wide Roman road, a building about 20 metres by six and some rubbish tips.," said David.

"The road leads right to the Menai Strait, so we think it was a settlement on the crossing point from Segontium, near Caernarfon."

David and his team have been able to date the settlement to the second century AD, mostly by dating the fragments of pottery found on site.

Volunteers at a Roman dig on Anglesey
Find out more about the Romans at the Segontium museum, Caernarfon

"It's Samian ware pottery, made in Gaul - a region of modern day France," he explained.

"It's quite high status pottery, which tells us that the people who lived here were quite well off."

They have also found coins and remains of a fine bronze chain.

"The building is quite different to the native roundhouses which have been found on Anglesey" said David.

"But other than that, we don't really know who they were. They could have been locals who'd traded with the Romans and took up their customs, or craftsmen who'd come across from Segontium with the Romans."

After Saturday the field will be filled in and returned to pasture, and the finds sent away to be examined and archived.

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust say they welcome interest from volunteers willing to work on future digs.

To find the site, follow signs for Anglesey Sea Zoo from Brynsiencyn and look out for Tai Cochion house. If you reach the Menai Strait you've gone too far.



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